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Chef Solus and The Explorers Learn more about the Milk Group


The explorers had never explored the blue section of the pyramid. As they got close to the doorway they noticed that the walls began to change to blue. It got bluer and bluer as they got closer and closer to the entrance.

“What’s this,” shouted Tyler. “Look what I found on the walls!” All the explorers went over to Tyler to see what he was pointing at. He was pointing at carvings that were all along the side of the doorway.
“Wow! I wonder what it means?” Ashley asked. I brought the flashlight and shined it on the wall. It was drawings of milk, cheese, yogurt, and pudding. We even found drawings of this ancient civilization eating ice cream! But what was strange was all the milk items were in twos or threes. We knew this meant something very important, but we weren’t sure what!
We have learned that the ancient civilization always left a secret scroll to help us learn the importance of this food group. I told everyone to start looking. We went deep into the Milk section and found more drawings and symbols. We found a lot of carvings showing bones and skeletons and even teeth!
We had looked for over two hours and could not find any clues that would lead us to the secret scroll. Then Elena and Katlin sat down and a secret drawer popped out of the wall.
“You found it!!” We all shouted at once. Everyone gathered around while I read the words left to us by this ancient civilization.
The scroll said:
“The milk group includes foods like milk, yogurt, cheese, ice cream and pudding.
Foods from the milk group have calcium, which helps to grow strong bones and healthy teeth. Ice cream and pudding have some extra sugar and fat. They do contain calcium but you should save them for special “once in a while” treats!
Eat or drink 3 servings from the milk group each day. 1 cup of milk is one serving.
Try to drink and eat low-fat or nonfat milk products.”
We learned a lot today about the milk group in the blue section of the pyramid. We are now going to take a break and have some low fat yogurt for a tasty snack.
See you next month. Well have fun and keep exploring!
The Explorers learn about the Milk Group!


Your bones need jumping, running, or dancing activities so they keep growing strong.
Almost all the calcium (99%) is found in your teeth and bones!










Be a calcium detective. Next time you help mom choose some yogurts, string cheese, or cereals from the store, read the nutrition facts. Look for the percentage sign “%” next to calcium (usually found near the bottom of the nutrition label. It will look something like this: Calcium 10%. Take the number and add a “0” to tell you how many milligrams (mg) of calcium is in the product. This product of 10% would have 100 mg. Did you know 1000 mg is equal to 1 gram? One gram is about the weight of 1 pen cap. Wow, that is small!









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