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Chef Solus and The Explorers Learn how to make Healthy Cookies!

We are so excited. We are getting ready to go caroling tonight. This is also a special night 
because we are so excited to share our very special healthier holiday cookies with everyone. The explorers and I love cooking and finding ways to make our recipes healthier. Every year we make some homemade holiday treats that we can share with our friends and neighbors.
Tyler held up the recipe card and read the ingredients out loud.
“First, we need some flour,” Tyler said.
We use whole wheat flour instead of white flour to give us fiber. Fiber is really good for our stomach and our heart!
“Second, we need sugar,” Tyler read.
We try to use less sugar. We have experimented over the last few holidays to find just the right amount of sugar.
“Third, we need butter,” continued Tyler.
We make sure we have NO trans fat in our butter or margarine. We read the labels to be sure. That keeps our heart healthy!
“Fourth, we need to add milk,” said Tyler.
We use nonfat milk. That keeps the fat down in our cookies.
Tyler read on, “And we will need eggs, vanilla flavoring, salt and baking powder to complete the cookie dough”
“Wait a minute,” I said to everyone. “Isn’t there some other things were going to add to make our cookies even more special?”
“Hmm?” everyone said puzzled. “What about the nuts and fruit! Remember nuts are fruits give our cookies an extra dose of tasty nutrition!” I reminded everyone.
“Oh no. We forgot! How silly we are!” said all the explorers.
Elena and Ashley went to the cabinet and got the rest of the ingredients. Tony helped me mix it all up while Alex, Jasmine and Kevin shaped the cookies using our holiday cookie cutters. We had cookie cutters in the shape of reindeers, snowmen, gingerbread men, Christmas trees and driedals.
Last, Katlin prepared the cookie sheet. Instead of using grease, we used nonstick spray to keep our cookies from sticking to the pan. This helps cut down the fat.
We put the cookies into the oven for 10 minutes. The whole tent filled up with the smell of cookies. We couldn’t wait!
Finally, the first batch of holiday cookies were ready! We all grabbed our favorite shape with a glass of milk and ate it. We all smiled because the cookies were delicious! Now we have to package them up to share with our friends and neighbors.
Happy Holiday from Chef Solus and all the Explorers. See you next year! Don’t forget to have fun and keep exploring!
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The Explorers make healthy holiday cookies!


Be really active during holiday time to make up for the extra treats you will be eating.
Cranberries are in season. They help fight infections and taste great!










Talk to your cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents about their favorite holiday food when they were growing up. Go to the grocery store and find different fruits that are red and green. See how many you can find and then decorate your favorite holiday desserts with them!

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