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Chef Solus and The Explorers Watch Less T.V

Hi everyone. We had a long day exploring the steps of the pyramid and learning all about how
fun it is to be active. We were so tired that we all decided to hit the sack a little early.
That night Tyler had a very strange dream. He dreamt that all the kids of the world sat in front of the TV all day. They never went outside, they never ran, jumped or played. They just spent all their time in front the TV. He dreamt that soon he joined all the kids sitting in front of the TV. Before he realized it, he had no energy. His body felt tired and sluggish because his muscles did not get the activity it needed. He began to feel sick.
Tyler woke up and realized that this was just a bad dream. He looked around and saw the other explorers getting ready to have breakfast before we all started our hike back to the pyramid.
Tyler quickly got dressed and came to the campsite for breakfast. He wanted to share the strange dream he had with everyone. After listening to Tyler’s strange dream, we realized that it is easy to become so interested in TV that you forget about all the fun things you can do instead of watching TV.
So we sat around the campfire and made a list to remind us that we should really only watch TV for 2 hours or less each day. That way, we would have to time to do all the other fun stuff.
Click here To read all the fun indoor and outdoor activities we came up with.
Can you add to the list? What are your favorite activities? Well have fun and keep exploring!
Explorers Turn off their TV and have fun!


It’s easy to overeat when you are watching TV. Avoid eating out of the package, pour your snack into a bowl.
It’s National Turn Your TV off Week on April 20-26th. Do your favorite outdoor activity with a friend










As a family, celebrate TV Turn-Off Week April 20-26th. Create a collage of everything you can do instead of watching television. Cut out pictures of people riding their bikes, playing basketball or listening to music from newspapers, magazines or draw them yourself. Get creative and use your imagination! Hang the collage on the television so that it will remind you and your family of all the fun activities to do instead of watching TV.


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