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Chef Solus and The Explorers Plan the Perfect Picnic


It’s been a fun summer and we have found a lot of new hidden secrets in the pyramid. We will soon be bringing you two new games that we recently found hidden under the stairs of the 

pyramid! So keep a look out for these new games our friends from the ancient civilization left behind to teach us how fun it is to be active and eat healthy foods!
We enjoy exploring the pyramid and learning all about the different cool foods and how they make us feel good and grow tall. This morning as we began to hike to the pyramid, Ashley stopped everyone and said, “Wow, it is such a great day, why don’t we have a picnic!”
“Yeah, that is a great idea,” replied Elena. Soon everyone was chiming in, “Yeah, let’s have a picnic today!”
So, it was decided. Today we are going to enjoy the outdoors and have a great big picnic. What should we bring? Well, we know the typical foods usually include hot dogs, potato chips, cookies and corn dripping with butter. Alex reminded us how tired we felt after eating all this food in one meal. We know these foods should only be eaten once in a while because they don’t help our body feel strong. We wanted to be full of energy after our meal, not tired!
“Hmm” I said. “Let’s think of other foods that we love that we can have instead. Let’s make our picnic a super duper delicious picnic that keeps our bodies feeling full of energy and growing strong.”
We all sat down and each of took turns deciding on a favorite food for our picnic. Elena went first, she wanted some grilled chicken breast on whole wheat bun. Jasmine picked lean ground burgers on whole oat buns. Tyler decided we should bring plenty of water to quench our thirst. Water is the best and we need it, especially when its hot! We agreed, no sodas. Alex asked for granola for a snack during our hike. Ashley wanted fresh fruit salad for something sweet and cold. Tony wanted black beans for a tasty side dish! Katlin picked 4 vegetables with different colors to grill on the barbecue! Kevin wanted some raisins and nuts for after the barbecue.
We were all set! Now that we have a tasty picnic all planned out, we are headed out to have a fun day outdoors. We also brought some balls, Frisbees and game ideas because running around and laughing is part of being a healthy Explorer!
See you soon. Remember to have fun and keep exploring!
Explorers have a picnic!


Eat whole beans for a tasty dish that will satisfy your tummy and keep your heart healthy!
They are over 20 different kinds of berries. Berries come in all different colors of the rainbow! How many can you name?









Be a food scientist when helping mom and dad prepare for the family outdoor activities. Count how many colors of the rainbow are in your picnic or barbecue menu. Look for fresh foods that are light and dark green, orange, purple, yellow and red! See if you can think of more colorful foods to add to your meal!


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