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Chef Solus and The Explorers Discover Healthy Goals!


Hi everyone!

It’s a brand new year and we are very excited about what new finds we might discover in the 

ancient food pyramid! We learned so much already about healthy eating and being active every day. We learned new some things about the five food groups and how much fun it is to be healthy.
Tyler and Katlin ran quickly into the tent almost bumping into me. They seemed very excited. Tyler spoke first saying, “Chef Solus, it is time for our special “Healthy Goals” night!”
“Yeah, we can’t wait!” said Katlin, “Are we going to make to make a special meal and then have our meeting around the campfire? Like we did last year!”
Tony and Kevin came in right behind them. Tony said, “I want to write all our healthy goal ideas on the white board this year!”
Kevin laughed, “Then you better work on your penmanship so we can read it!”
Elena, Jasmine and Ashley were talking amongst themselves as they entered the tent. They looked at us and asked “Are you guys planning our special “Healthy Goals” night? Don’t leave us out. We want to help!”
Alex was the last to arrive, he seemed to be deep in thought. We all asked him where he had been. Alex looked up at us and said, “Oh, I have been thinking hard about what my special healthy goal is going to be. It is definitely going to beabout being active! In fact, I think I am going to play football every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 40 minutes!”
“Wow!” I said. “I didn’t realize everyone was so excited! Well let’s start planning our special night. Who is going to get our fun agreements and our healthy goal tracking sheets?”
That night we had a very fun and special event. We all helped make our favorite meal and dessert. Tony set up the white boards and brought the markers to write down our goals. We sat around the fireplace while each one of us shared our ideas on how what kind of healthy goals we wanted to set for our group and for each other.
We laughed and talked a lot and by the end of the night we had our goals set and were ready to have some fun and work on being healthier.
Have you set your healthy goal? Talk to your parents about having a special night where the whole family can set new goals to help you eat healthier and be active every day.
Remember, have fun and keep exploring!
The Explorers Set Healthy Goals!


Your body needs at least 60 minutes of exercise every day!
It is healthier to eat potatoes with their skins on!










Have your thought of ways that your family could be more active or eat more healthy foods? Talk to your parents about do some exploring in the kitchen to find those food items that are not very healthy. Look through your cabinet and find all the food that you think fall into that category. Count how many you found. Then talk to your family and see if this should be one of your goals – to eat less of these foods.





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