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National Dairy Month Quick and Simple Recipe Ideas!

Posted on Jun 13, 2014 by Maggie LaBarbera

Wondering how are you going to get your child eating enough dairy servings each day.  Here are some very simple quick and easy ideas for adding a serving of dairy to your child's meal or snack each day.

How Much Dairy Does Your Child And Family Really Need?


Guide To Common Portion And Serving Size From The Dairy Group


Nourish Thought for the Day:  

Choose the best solutions that the ones that are easy and fit into your routine.

Simple meal ideas to get your 3 servings of dairy a day.     


blend 1 cup of milk or yogurt, fruit and ice cubes
top whole wheat waffles with 1 cup of strawberry yogurt and berries
Milk Steamer:
warm up 1 cup of flavored milk sprinkled with cinnamon


Egg-cellent Cheese Omelet:
melt 1-2 slices of Cheddar or Provolone cheese in egg white omelet


Pizza Roll Up: roll flour tortilla with 1-2 slices of part-skim Mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce for dipping


Chicks Mix:
combine 1 cup of plain nonfat or lowfat yogurt and lowfat Ranch dressing mix for a dip with baked chicken tenders
Topped Tater:
spoon lowfat chili and 1 cup of plain nonfat or lowfat yogurt atop baked potato



Yogurt Yum 
pick up a 10-ounce bottle of cherry- flavored, drinkable yogurt
Cheesy Popcorn:
toss 1/4 cup of tangy lowfat Colby cheese shreds with air popcorn


Veggie Sticks
dunk fresh veggie sticks into 1 cupof yogurt mixed with taco seasoning
Pretzel Wrap:
roll a fat free pretzel rod in 1-2 slices of reduced fat Swiss cheese


Cheesy Mac:
bake a single serving of 100% whole wheat macaroni and top with 2 tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese




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