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Frequently Asked Questions


Membership program

What is the Nourish interactive Membership Program?
The Nourish Interactive Membership program is a FREE program that provides your child with full access to all our nutrition games as well as all features in our adult section. The Chef Solus game individually tracks your child's progress. It provides a fun and convenient way for your child to learn about nutrition and exercise at his or her own pace. Parents will receive progress reports as the child completes a level. These individual reports are designed to keep you abreast of the important concepts your child is learning and provide support for introducing these concepts into family life. To learn more go to About the Game.
Does my child have to be able to read to play the game?
We have audio available for some of our games so your child can hear the lessons as they see the words.
What if my child only wants to play for a short time?
All our games are short in design.  The Chef Solus game is designed so that children can move at their own pace. The game remembers where your child left off.

About the Chef Solus Adventure Game

Does my child have to start the game from the beginning when he/she logs in to play?
No, the game remembers the last section your child was playing.
Can my child start the game from the beginning even though he/she has not finished the game?
When your child logs in, there is an option on the page to continue game or start over. Select the option, "Start over" and the game will start at the beginning.
How can I be sure that my child is learning the lessons?
We have Pre and Post quizzes at each level to test your child's knowledge. Progress reports are available to keep you informed of your child's progress. For convenience, an email notification will be sent letting you know when a report is ready for your review.
What age range is this game designed for?
Although children of all ages will enjoy this game, the game is designed for children in kindergarten through fifth grade.


What is the content of this game based on?
The game is based on the USDA food pyramid.
What is different about this game?
This game was designed to introduce content in a very systematic, logical manner. The game goes one step further by challenging children to select food for their breakfast, lunch and dinner. They quickly learn how food gives them energy. They also learn that you can have too much energy which can slow you down if you don't exercise to burn it off. It is through these decision-based activities that children begin to really understand the importance of a good, healthy balanced meal. To learn more about the game, see More about the Game. 

Signing Up

How do I signup?
Click here to sign up and follow the directions on the page.
Fill in all the required fields and click next.
You will receive a confirmation email with further instructions
How do I set up an membershipo?
To set up an account:
Subscribe and follow the directions on the page.
Fill in all the required fields and click next.
You will receive a confirmation email.
Can I set up an account for more than one child?
Yes. You can sign up to as many children as you like. Each child will have their own username and password. You will have one user name and that will give you access to all of your children's progress reports.
Can I have more than one account on the same computer?
Yes. But you will only be able to view the child's or children's progress report associated with that specific account. If one parent has more than one child signed up to play the nutrition game, it is best to create one parent account and create logins for each child. This makes it easy for parents to log into one account and view the progress of each of their children's progress individually.
Can I change my username?
Yes, log in to your account and select the 'Profile' tab. Then select 'Edit Profile' at the bottom of the page. Once you have changed your login name, click the 'Update' box at the bottom of the page.
How do I change my email or password?
Log into your account
Select My Profile
Make changes to your profile
Click on the Submit button once.
Why won't the computer accept my password?
Passwords are case sensitive. You must type in your password exactly as you entered it originally.
I recently updated my username. But when I try to log in, my old username appears. What can I do?
You may need to empty your temporary Internet cache/cookies to clear your browser from saving the old information.

Chef Solus Game Preferences

Where do I find my child's progress report?
Once you have logged into your account, you will find your child's progress reports available in the Children tab. Click on the colored checkmark for the report you would like to review. If the checkmark is not colored, then the child has not completed the level yet and no report will be available.
How do I have my child's progress report automatically emailed to me?
You will automatically receive an email notification. If you would like to stop the automatic notifications, you can change this option in the 'Profile' section when logged into your account.
Can I view both of my children's report?
Yes, as long as you created one parent account and signed up your children's access using this one account, you will see the names of your children.
Log into your parent account
Select the Children tab
Click the colored icon of the report you would like to view
How do I request the Spanish version of the progress report?
Log into your account and select Profile. Under Preferences, select Spanish. Your next report will be delivered in Spanish.
How do I change the game to the Spanish version for my child to play?
Your membership provides access to both the English and Spanish version of the game. To select the Spanish version of the game:
Log in to your parent account
Select the Children tab
Click on the edit link at the end of the row with the name of your child
Under Game Language option, select Spanish

Technical Issues with the Chef Solus Game

I'm having trouble loading the game?
If you are having trouble loading the game, it is most likely a connection or server issue. It is suggested that you close all applications running and try reloading the game. If this does not work, you may need to install the latest versions of Flash Player or Shockwave Player, which can be downloaded for free from Adobe.
My game runs very slowly?
If your game is running slowly then it is probably because of other applications running on your computer at the same time. You should close all other applications while playing the game.
My game did not start at the last level completed?
If your game does not start at the last completed level try loading the game again. Your progression through the game is auto-saved to the server, and the only reason for loss of data on the server is a failed Internet connection.
My browser is having issues with the game?
If your browser is having trouble with the game, you may have to update your versions of Flash Player or Shockwave Player, which can be downloaded for free from Adobe
My screen froze during play?
If your screen freezes during play it is most likely a connection or server issue. If your game freezes close all applications and reload the game.

Technical issues with the Website

Why am I having trouble logging into my Account?
If you are experiencing problems logging into your account, this is probably due to an incorrect password entry. Click on Forgot my Password? below the log in and follow the steps to obtain a new password.
Should I be using a specific browser to access the Nourish Interactive website?
Our website is tested and optimized for Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and other compatible browsers.  We recommend that you update to the latest version of the browser for best results.  Internet Explorer 6 is not supported.

System Requirements:

Why am I having trouble seeing all the features on the website?
A high-speed Internet connection is recommended.
You will need the latest Flash Player and Shockwave Player installed. You can download it for free from Adobe.
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