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Parents Guide to Understanding the Impact of Food Marketing On Kids









Nourishing Advice for a Healthy Family

Learn the facts and figures about food marketing to children.  Find out how much marketing your child is being exposed to and what the effects are on eating and exercise habits.  Resources for helping teach your child to see past marketing claims.


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Parents Guide And Facts To Food Marketing

Food marketing has a huge impact on what your child chooses to eat. Stay informed with these surprising facts about the food industry focus on children.

Guide To Helping Kids Understand Food Advertising

Start educating children about food marketing while they are young. They are being exposed to advertising every day. Did you know the average child can see about 5000 food advertisements each year? Tips on fighting food advertisements for parents.

Fast Food Advertising To Children Data

Information based on recent research about the money spent by fast food companies advertising to children. Just how much money are they spending by age group and more importantly, what about the empty calories they are promoting to children! Stay informed with these facts.

No More Drama at the Grocery Store!

Grocery shopping with your child can be hectic and frustrating, especially when they beg and scream for foods you don’t approve. It’s important to purchase healthy food items when grocery shopping, because every food item you purchase impacts what you and your family will eat throughout the week. Healthy food and beverage choices are important for a good healthy growth!

Nutritional Value Of Foods Marketed To Children

There is a great deal of studies and evidence that shows that the foods marketed to children are not the nutrient dense foods (foods high in vitamins and minerals) but instead, the calorie dense foods (foods that have very little nutrition but high in fat and/or sugar). Food facts for concerned parents.

Television Advertisements And Kids Facts

How many advertisements are your children actually seeing? Food marketing is a powerful means to influence your child's eating habits. Here are some facts about the food marketing industry and how they are target your children.
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