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Panda Express Nutrition Information and Menu Selection Options


If you are headed to Panda Express  with the family, you can plan a healthier meal with their menu guide and nutrition information profile for each of their menu options.


Download and print the Panda Express Menu*.  


But to give you a head start facts on helping the family make healthier food choices, here are some of the highest and lowest calorie foods in each category.


High-Low Calorie Foods

Panda Express Lower Calorie Foods

asian food healthy menu option

Steamed Rice - 380 calories

String Bean Chicken Breast - 170 calories

2 Veggie Spring Roll - 160 calories

Broccoli Beef - 130 calories

Hot & Sour Soup - 100 calories

Panda Express Higher Calorie Foods

higher asian menu food options

Beijing Beef - 690 calories

Fried Rice - 530 calories

SweetFire Chicken Breast - 440 calories

Orange Chicken - 380 calories

3 Chicken Potsticker- 220 calories
















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