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Parenting Guide to the Five Food Groups









Nourishing Advice for a Healthy Family: Five Food Groups

Learn about the healthy foods from the five food groups, the USDA new 2010 food guidelines and how to use the My Plate to select healthy foods for your family.  Find facts and resources on healthy meals, snacks and food nutrition for children.


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Understanding The Key Messages Of The Five Food Groups

Learn the key messages that every family should know about each of the food groups. How to eat healthier following the My Plate key messages.

Helping Children Eat A Balanced Meal With Foods From All The Food Groups

The New My Plate teaches children what a balanced healthy meal looks like. Help your child eat foods from the five food groups for a balanced meal filled with nutrition.

The Healthiest Foods - the FIve Food Groups

What foods comprise the five foods? We take the mystery out of the five food groups. Learn about the foods that make a balanced meal meeting the USDA My Plate guidelines for families.

Easy USDA Food Pyramid Guide- Eating Healthy with the Food Groups

Quick and easy Food Pyramid Information -quick facts for understanding what the Food Pyramid is, what the colors of the Food Pyramid mean, how the food groups and steps on the Food Pyramid gives you the nutrition facts and information to help your whole family eat healthier foods and be active every day.

My Plate Food Guidelines For Parents

Understanding the My Plate guidelines for healthy eating. My Plate guidelines teach parents what makes a healthy balanced meal. Dietitians take the mysteries out of the USDA My Plate food groups.

Packing For a Healthy Picnic

Summer picnic foods are a classic part of the season, but unfortunately, many picnic baskets are packed with foods that are high in sugar, fat, and salt and low in important nutrients like fiber and protein which can leave your family feeling fatigued and uncomfortable. Read on to make the most out of your summer picnic!
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