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Selecting Healthy Asian Foods


Keep in mind that Asian restaurants has both healthy and less-healthy choices.   Here are some pointers to remember that can help you make better choices when eating out at various fast food Asian places.

General Guidelines to Healthier Asian Cooking

  • Zheng (steamed)
  • Jum (poached)
  • Kao (roasted)
  • Shao (barbecued)
  • Steamed rice
  • Dishes without MSG added

Asian Food Meals:


Healthier Asian Food Options

healthy asian food choices

Wonton soup
Steamed dumplings
Steamed Rice
Stir fried, steamed, roasted or broiled dishes
Dishes with lots of vegetables
Low sodium soy sauce,
Rice wine vinegar, wasabi, or ginger
Plum or duck sauce (may be high in sodium)

Higher Calorie Asian Foods

dining out asian high calorie foods

Egg drop soup
Egg rolls or fried wontons
Fried Rice
Battered or deep fried dishes
Dishes with fried meats
Regular soy sauce
Sweet and sour sauce
Lobster sauce, oyster, bean sauce


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