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Children’s BMI -Understanding Body Mass Index Information for Parents









Nourishing Advice for a Healthy Family

Your child's weight and height are important indicators of your child's overall growth development. Another important indicator is your child's BMI or body mass index.  Your child's BMI can help determine if your child is at a healthy weight or overweight. Understanding your child's BMI is part of preventing childhood obesity.
If you are concerned about your child’s weight, first talk with the pediatrician or dietitian. A BMI-for-age measurement can be used to help determine if your child is at a healthy weight for their age, sex and height.  In fact, a BMI-for-age measurement should be done at your child’s annual physical.



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Parents’ Guide - What Is BMI Score

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number calculated from a child's weight and height that helps determine body fat. Article that explains how a child's BMI is calculated and what that might indicate about a child's weight status.

Calculate Your Child’s BMI-for-age Percentile

As a parent, you may want to know what your child's BMI score. We have a quick and easy tool that will do all the calculations for you. Calculate your child's BMI-for-age Percentile score.
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