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National Childhood Obesity Month - 5 solutions to get you started

Posted on Sep 17, 2014 by Maggie LaBarbera

To wrap up the series on Childhood Obesity month, I wanted to leave you with this great infographic that shares some key facts but solutions that we as a society need to be focused on.

Childhood obesity is completely preventable.  It is also completely reversible.  and that is the great news for all of us.

Here are five solutions that parents can do to help their children:

Incorporate physical activity into your child's daily routine.  Find activities that your child will enjoy doing and gets your child moving and working up a sweat.  If they enjoy it, they are more apt to do it.  Vary the activities so they don't get bored.  Heck, please join them in some and make it fun family time.

Eliminating junk food marketing from your child's world may not happen in our lifetime.  So teach them about healthy foods vs processed foods.  Involve them in cooking and grocery shopping so they can learn the difference.  You can also limit tv time where commercials are prevalent and let them play on the internet on Advertising free kids websites.

Support your child's school nutrition program.  When you make lunch for school, have your child help set the menu and include foods from at least 4 food groups (avoid processed foods)

Take kids with you to the grocery store and farmer's market to buy fresh produce.  Pick at least one item that your child can read the food labels and pick the healthier food item.  Cereals are a great place to compare and find one that is lower in sugar and higher in fiber.

When your child has their annual check-up, ask your pediatrician about your child's BMI status.  Have your pediatrician talk to your child about healthy foods and daily exercise.  If your child is overweight, consider having a dietitian consult.  Losing weight for a child is not as simple as putting them on one of the many fad diets out there.  A child is growing and needs a certain amount of calories, fat and nutrients in their diet.

Nourish Thought for the Day:  

Childhood obesity is not about weight. It is about preventing diseases and improving a child's quality of life. When they feel better, they can do the activities they enjoy most!

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