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Summer time learning tips and resources to keep kids learning this summer.

Posted on Jun 12, 2015 by Maggie LaBarbera

Friday Finds to Nourish Your Day:  

Check out these fun summer themed printables.

It’s Friday and we are happy to share these resources and materials to help you promote summer learning to nourish the children in your lives!

It is easier than you think to keep children learning during the summer months.

Here are some ideas:

Form a kids reading club.  Have the children select the books they would like to read and then have them meet once a week to discuss the chapters they read.  Many books have associated "questions for discussions".

Pick a time and have your child set up a special place to read every day.

Take your child weekly to the library.  The library often has its own activities that children can participate in.  The library may even have its own summer reading program.

Have your child keep a journal.  The journal can be text and pictures.  Together you can make it a creative way for your child to thoughtfully remember the important activities each day or week and document them.

Plant a garden.  Children learn a great deal about responsibility, nature and nutrition when they care of a plant.  You can keep it very simple and have one planter or planter pot they can use that can sit on the window or porch.

Bring your child into the kitchen and have them help create the shopping list, budget for food, find recipes, cook and buy the foods.  There are so many math calculations that are involved with cooking.

Take field trips and then have your child create a report about the event.  The report could be a written paper but it could also be a collage or some other expression of the place they went.  

Find a local cause that you and your child can volunteer together at.  Volunteering teaches children about compassion, civil responsibility and other important life skills.

These are just a few ideas of the activities you could do to help your child continue learning during the summer months in a fun and meaningful way.

Join me and thousands of other individuals and organizations that have taken the pledge to keeps kids learning this summer:



There are many events occurring around the United States to recognize and highlight the importance of summer learning.  

Find a Summer Learning Celebration Event near you.

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