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Chef Solus in the Great Grocery Store Adventure cartoon by Nourish Interactive

Posted on Aug 31, 2015 by Maggie LaBarbera

We are so pleased to share with you are new animation cartoon:

Chef Solus & Great Grocery Store Adventure

In this latest webisode, Chef Solus is planning a wonderful dinner with the explorers and their new friends, Marty MyPlate and Milky Mike, when they realize the refrigerator is broken!  

You know what that means, some key ingredients for his recipe is spoiled and they need to take a trip to the grocery store.  

But what you don't realize is that lurking in the grocery store is many, many not-so-healthy foods trying to get you to buy them.  Their adventure in the grocery store is quite an experience as they are constantly blocked and marketed to by these pesky foods.  Enjoy our latest mini animation that teaches children about food marketing.

We tackled this topic because it is one of the most requested topics from you!  To answer your requests, we have this new video which serves as a good introduction to discussing food marketing to children.  

This is just our first initial introduction into this hot topic.  We will be adding lesson plans and printables that help children learn more about food marketing, what is it and what they should know as they begin to read the marketing claims on food packages.

But, in our parenting section, we have already have some food marketing information for you.  You might be surprised how much your child is really being marketed to already.

Food marketing and kids parenting articles and tips

But in the interim while we are building out our free resources for teaching food marketing and children, please enjoy our video.  This serves as a great way to start the conversation and really get children to begin to realize that food companies make packaging look a certain way to get them to buy it and not everything they read is accurate and 

Monday’s Nourishing Thought:  

Kids are marketed to in hundreds of ways. It is up to us to arm them with strategies to help them tackle it!





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