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Let's Talk Turkey- Food Safety Tips for Thanksgiving Infographic

Posted on Nov 11, 2015 by Maggie LaBarbera

Wednesday Nourishing Graphics:  

We are happy to share this infographic that further tells the story about the nourishing value of food safety.

As a reminder, thawing your turkey properly to avoid bacterial growth is the first step to a healthy Thanksgiving dinner.  You might be wondering specifically on how to plan to thaw your turkey correctly. 

Well no worries, I found this perfect chart that gives you a good guide for how to plan thawing time based on the size of the turkey you purchased.  It is so helpful because you can plan the refrigerator method or you can plan the cold water method depending on the amount of time you have from when you bought the turkey and when you were planning to cook the turkey.


Turkey Size

In the Refrigerator
(Approximately 24 hours
for every 4-5 lbs.)

In Cold Water
(Approximately 30
minutes per lb.)

4 to 12 pounds

1 to 3 days

2 to 6 hours

12 to 16 pounds

3 to 4 days

6 to 8 hours

16 to 20 pounds

4 to 5 days

8 to 10 hours

20 to 24 pounds

5 to 6 days

10 to 12 hours

You know, I wish I had this handy chart when I first started cooking so many years ago.  Now with the internet, information is readily available that when you are not sure, you can look it up.

So take this little extra step to thaw your turkey properly and avoid food poisoning this holiday season.  

Once last thing, don't forget to always wash your hands before and after handling the turkey.  If you handled your spices with turkey juiced hands, don't forget to wash those as well.

Enjoy this great infographic that gives you a bird's (no pun intended) view of the key steps to preparing and cooking your turkey safely this Thanksgiving.





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