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Federal government may begin tracking kids who are overweight

Posted on May 28, 2010 by Maggie LaBarbera

With the growing awareness about childhood obesity, politicians are looking to new legislation to fight the problem.

There is discussion that the government should begin tracking the weight of children ages 2 to 18.  This is information routinely collected during yearly pediatric visits.  Some congressional leaders are looking at a bill that would require doctors to report this information to the government.

What would they do with this information?  Would parents be notified by the government that their kids are overweight or would this just give more trending information?  Not sure what they are planning to do with this information and how this would ultimately help parents.

Wouldn't it be better if doctors could spend a little more time with their patients and give some guidance to parents right there during the pediatric visit.  Why not put the money that it would cost to create the database and manage it towards providing some nutrition counseling for parents and young children as part of all pediatric wellness visits

Don't we have enough data?





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