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Surgeon General emphasizes fun for getting kids healthier

Posted on Jul 23, 2010 by Maggie LaBarbera

The Surgeon General Regina Benjamin was interviewed earlier this month and she really emphasized the need for fun as part of a key strategy in fighting childhood obesity.

She said that kids need to find activities that they enjoy so that exercise is not viewed as a chore but rather "fun".  We all like to have fun, so if kids combine something they love to do as part of their exercise regime, then it makes it more enjoyable and something they are more likely to stick with.

I could not agree with her more!   She also said it was important to talk to kids about activity goals rather than "weight" goals.

Have them make a list of the things they like to do and focus on the ones that involve being active

Create family time and make having physical activity time a priority.  This can be the most challenging part, not to let the other little stresses of the day takeover and before you know it, the activity time has come and gone.

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