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McDonalds under attack for giving toys with happy meal

Posted on Jul 28, 2010 by Maggie LaBarbera

A consumer watchdog group is threatening to sue McDonalds for placing toys in their Happy Meals. With the growing concern about our children's lack of nutrition and healthy habits, McDonalds is now under fire.

The group is claiming that by placing toys in their happy meals, McDonalds is luring kids to want to eat their high fatty meals.  The group states that this is deceptive marketing practices and in violation of four state laws.

Well, there will certainly be arguments on both sides with many people blaming the parents for not just saying "NO".  But I have to say, being a parent, I am not so quick to blame them.  I mean kids recognize the golden arches before they can even talk!  Now that says a lot about the marketing towards kids.  It is hard to fight millions of dollars of advertising.

Here in the Bay Area, Santa Clara was the first county to pass a law against putting toys in unhealthy foods.  Will this make a difference in kids choices?  It certainly won't hurt.

We are facing a serious issue and just like everything else, it may mean some drastic measures.

Whatever happens, it probably won't be soon (most likely).

Parents, you can prepare your children for eating out and setting some expectations.  For example, they could order the happy meal but must have milk instead of soda or fruit instead of french fries.  In other words. there is room for some healthy food.  And in all fairness to McDonalds, they do have some healthier choices.

Here is our printable  guide and tips that you could use with your child before you eat out.  Once you get there, it is much harder to set expectations.  Kids are much more negotiable when you are deciding whether you will take them there.  Use your leverage to vie for some healthy choices.





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