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Are 'parents only' treatments a viable option for helping kids lose weight

Posted on Nov 05, 2010 by Maggie LaBarbera

A lot of buzz about a new study released in the Journal Obesity talking about the best way to treat overweight children.  This study conducted at UC San Diego studied two types of weight loss programs for kids,

  • one that involves the parent and child in treatment
  • one that only involves the parent in treatment
The study indicated that parents only treatment programs were not inferior to parent and child programs.  And this would be less costly as well.

But, I have to wonder about the role of common sense.  Doesn't it make good sense to involve the overweight child in the program so that they are also learning about healthy eating and making good choices.  I agree that the parent's role is very important but so is involving the child.  They will soon be independent preteens making their own choices and don't we want them armed with some education?

Is it just me or are we losing plain common sense? Please share your thoughts below!

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