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Thanksgiving is also a great time to be active- play games together

Posted on Nov 22, 2010 by Maggie LaBarbera

It is the beginning of holiday season!  I love this season, so much family time.  But there can also be too much food time.

Did you know the average person will eat about 4000  calories on Thanksgiving Day?  And many people will gain  anywhere from 2-7 pounds from now till Christmas!

But if we can throw in some daily exercise through fun family activities, we can enjoy the wonderful foods but avoid the weight gain.  And what an important habit to instill in the kids while they are young.

We want to help kids form good habits and wonderful memories associated with those healthy habits.

We can make holiday time:

  • family time
  • wonderful meal time
  • fun family active time
Here are some fine family favorite games and fun ways to be active that you can do together on Thanksgiving Dbe active - fun ideas for kidsay:

Turkey treasure hunt: Pick someone to be the leader.  The leader hides the cards decorated with turkeys around the room. When all the cards are hidden, the kids hunt for the cards.   When all the turkeys have been found, the child with the most turkeys is the winner and becomes the leader for the next round.

  • Pumpkin race: Have two large pumpkins and two sturdy sticks. Break the kids into two teams.  The racers, line up on the starting line with the pumpkins turned on their sides. On the signal, the racers use their sticks to roll the pumpkins to the the designated "finish line" and then roll it back to their team.  Younger players may want to use their hands instead of the stick. The last person does not roll the pumpkin back to the team.  First team to have all their players roll their pumpkin over the finish line wins!
  • Run a popcorn relay race: Just fill two large bowls with popcorn and set them at one side of a room or lawn. Place empty bowls at the opposite end of the play area. Split family members into two teams and have them carry the corn from one bowl to the other using measuring cups. First empty bowl wins!
  • Turkey hopping game: Put all your little turkeys in groups of two and give them all a bandanna or scarf to tuck into their back pockets or waistbands. The challenge: Each player must hop on one foot and flap one arm like a wing. With her other hand, she tries to steal her opponent's bandanna (and protect her own). If she loses her balance or bandanna, she's out, and her partner can take on a new opponent.
  • play Duck, Duck, Goose but change it to Chicken, Chicken, Turkey
  • play Simon Says but say  "Tom Turkey says"
  • Go for a nature hike
  • Play flag football or touch football
  • Turkey Shoot B-Ball- shoot hoops from different spots- if player gets it in others take a turn to shoot from same spot.  Each time a basket is made the player gets a letter until someone wins and spells out T-U-R-K-E-Y
  • Find a local activities indoors if it is too cold outside:  rock climbing, bowling, ice skating

Do you have a favorite FUN Thanksgiving physical activity tradition? We'd love to hear your ideas by commenting below!

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