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New research shows that video games very promising in promoting behavior changes in children

Posted on Jan 21, 2011 by Maggie LaBarbera

I was very excited to read about new research that shows the use of video games promoted positive behavioral changes in children that participated in the study.

133 children aged 10-12 participated in the study.  Kids were put in two groups.  One group did not play video games that promoted healthy choices while the other group did.

The result:  kids that played the video games increased their fruits and vegetables consumption by .67 servings per day.

It really makes sense.  Video games have long been used to teach math, reading and comprehension skills as well as history and geography.  How many kids played Where's Waldo!  My kids did and they are quick to tell me the capitals of state and other geographic landmarks.

Kids are like a sponge and they want to feel good - which means be healthy.  But they also want to have FUN.  Making learning about nutrition and healthy choices fun and engaging is a good way to get their attention.  If you tell them  "you are going to learn about nutrition"  they go running to the hills.

But if you tell them they are going to have fun and play with fruits and veggies - then they are interested.

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