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YMCA Healthy Kids Event teaches kids about fun healthy choices

Posted on Apr 18, 2011 by Maggie LaBarbera

We want to thank all the parents and teachers that came by our booth.  We had a lot of fun meeting everyone and sharing information about our free nutrition education website.

We were also in Foster City the weekend before and met many parents and teachers there as well.

These community events are such a great way to get kids excited about being healthy and being active.  It is the two things that we can teach our children that will have significant impact on the quality of their lives.

Children need to be active every day for at least 60 minutes.  That means playing, jumping, dancing, walking or any activity that gets kids moving around and having fun.  Many of the YMCAs now offer special programs just for kids, exercise class, dance class even yoga for kids!  Just work with your child to find the activities they really enjoy.  That is the key!  Keeping it fun.

Nutrition is the other key ingredient to a healthy child.  We can teach them that eating healthy foods from all the food groups is fun!

For ideas on how to get those picky eaters trying healthier foods, we have a list of tips to help you.

Cooking With Kids - Activity Page - NEW!!
Cooking is a wonderful way to introduce healthy foods to children. Our activities are designed to help you bring kids into the kitchen for a fun and healthy experience. Learn about healthy foods that can be substituted into recipes for delicious and nutritious meals. It also provides some great family fun!

Go to our Cooking Is Fun Activity Page for a complete list of our free printable cooking class and recipe activity sheets.

Fun Kids Gardens and Planting - Activity Page - NEW!!
Go to our Printable Kids Garden Activity Page for a complete list of our free printable gardening and planting activity sheets.

Have kids play some fun nutrition games and learn about healthy foods in a way that they enjoy.

Most importantly, parents, be positive and patient.  It takes time to get kids to change their ideas and habits they have formed but with your support, role modeling and guidance, they will!

Remember, every little change, no matter how small is a positive step towards a healthier child!





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