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No cost gift ideas for kids on Mothers Day

Posted on May 06, 2011 by Maggie LaBarbera

It's almost Mothers Day and many kids are getting ready to go shopping with Dad on Saturday.

The hunt for the perfect gift for mom can be a little stressful for kids and Dad!  What is hard is that kids want to give their mother something special but they don't have their own money.  For many of us, money is very tight and finding a special gift can be expensive.

But you know what, it does not have to be.  Do you know the most common answer moms say they want for Mother's Day is often things that don't cost any money.

This Mother's Day kids can give their mom something very special that is very personalize and really says "I love you"  And that is the gift of a special act of love that  a mother will truly appreciate.

Here are some free gift ideas to get the kids started:

‣ Set a special table and make a meal for mom and/or dad

‣ Do chores for a week without being asked

‣ Vacuum the living room or another roombest mom mothers day printable

‣ Clean up the table after a meal

‣ Help prepare the meal

‣ Make your and your parents’ bed

‣ Dust the furniture

‣ Take out the trash

‣ Give the pet a bath

‣ Pick up the toys

‣ Clean and pick up your closet or drawers

‣ An hour of pulling weeds

‣ Help cook dinner

‣ Clean the garage

‣ Help grocery shop

‣ Plan a family picnic

‣ Watch a movie together

‣ Look at family photos together and reminisce

‣ Plan a family hike

‣ Do chores for a week without being asked

‣ Hug coupons, redeemable forever

‣ Free time for mom (or special someone) where the kids are quiet and let mom enjoy peaceful time to read a book

Then just print our black and white or colored "Mother's Day gift certificates" to perfectly package their gift.

Help kids learn that actions speak so much louder than words.  Love doesn't have to cost anything when it comes from the heart!  ;-)





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