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New Study Shows Keeping Your Family In Shape With More Walking And Less TV

Posted on Mar 30, 2012 by Maggie LaBarbera

No April's Fools here!  For those of us fighting the influence of our genetic predisposition to being overweight, there is some promising news released by the American Heart Association.

A new study is showing:

  • People can cut the genetic effect of obesity in half by walking briskly for an hour a day.
  • A sedentary lifestyle that includes watching TV for four hours a day can increase the effects of the genetic tendency to obesity by 50 percent.

This is timely as we are now entering spring and no better time to get the family outside for a walk.  

1.  Celebrate National Walk Day on April 4 with the kids:

If you are part of an organization, you can register and receive a toolkit with ideas and programs. 

More information about exercise


Benefits of Exercise

Healthy Bones And Exercise


Parents Guide To Becoming An Active Family

Activities to get the children off the couch and get moving!
Some fun kid-friendly walking resources!


Walking Every Day Goal - Printable Agreement


Count Your Steps Walking Chart - Printable Tracking Sheet


2.  Celebrate National Screen Free Week   April 30- May 6

The end of the month is National Screen Free Week and a wonderful opportunity to plan some events for the family while you turn the TV off.  Twice a year thousands of families participate in this event as a great way to 

limiting tv

  • get active
  • find alternatives to hours of TV
  • find more ways to create family time
Family Exercise Activities
Parents Guide And Tips To Reducing TV And Screen Time
How to reduce kids TV time and promote physical activity to kids.
Celebrate National ‘Turn Off TV Week’ Every April and September
Celebrate a national screen free week by turn off TV week!
Printable TV Pledge- Family and Kids Turn Off TV Week
Printable TV Pledge- Family and Kids Turn Off TV Week
Find a hosted Screen Free Event - They are happening all over
They have an organizer kit if you want to host an event in your area, but you have to log in and they email the kit to you.  Just go to




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