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Dance like a chicken and get the kids moving

Posted on May 14, 2012 by Maggie LaBarbera

Today is Dance like a Chicken Day.  You know that sounds fun.  national physical activity for kids

With this month's tribute to National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, it seems fitting that we find some fun ways to get moving.

Kids are just like us except with more energy!  This month reminds us to get off our duffs and find fun family activities that make us laugh, smile, have fun and get active.  

Kids like to be silly and I think a little dose of "silly" is what we all need sometimes.  Let's not call it exercise.  Let's not think about what we "have to do" to be healthy.  Because with that thinking, it will translate into sending a negative message to kids that exercise and being active is really more of "homework", a chore, something we all don't necessarily enjoy.

But if you say, hey kids, "let's dance like a chicken!"  No one is thinking that is exercise.  That sounds fun and heck, what kid doesn't want to see their parent dance like a chicken (excluding teens of course ;-).

So happy "Dance like a Chicken Day" and please use this as an excuse to find your favorite activities and have some fun being active as a family.

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