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Happy Birthday My Plate - now one year old and growing strong

Posted on Jun 04, 2012 by Maggie LaBarbera

Just wanted to send a big "Happy Birthday" to My Plate.

my plate teaches kids about healthy eating

It was a year ago when the My Pyramid was replaced by the My Plate as the USDA's national icon for healthy eating.

My Plate helps us use a visual that we can all relate to:  our food plate.

The My Plate helps us see what a healthy plate should really look like.

Half the of plate should be covered with colorful fruits and vegetables.  

We only need a quarter of the plate with grains and protein. 

Add a serving of milk or another high calcium/vitamin D rich food and you are set with a nutritious meal that gets your body rev'd for success.

Thanks My Plate for helping us learn how to create a healthy meal.  It just makes sense!

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MyPlate is 1 year old. Click here to wish MyPlate a Happy Birthday!

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