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Get the kids active with gardening

Posted on Jun 06, 2012 by Maggie LaBarbera

Today is National Gardening Exercise Day.  

You might be wondering what that means.  It really means just what it says, gardening can be a great source of exercise.  

So, if you haven't brought the kids into the garden to help, this is a great opportunity to get them started and to the road to more exercise.

Bending, squatting, raking, pulling weeds will get your heart rate up.  
Here are some ideas on how to make gardening fun for the kids:
  • make it a contest, kids love to race
  • who can find the most weeds
  • who can fill their weed basket the fastest
  • have a raking contest
  • let the kids come up with some ideas - they might really surprise you!
  • great family time
  • great outdoor fresh air
  • kids learn a great hobby
  • kids are using their hands with nature
  • kids become more interested about the foods they are growing!

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