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National dairy month - is your child getting enough calcium

Posted on Jun 08, 2012 by Maggie LaBarbera

It's National Dairy Month in June.

Dairy is one of the five key food groups because of it is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D.  

Vitamin D and calcium are both part of the nine nutrients that most kids are deficient in.  There have been numerous studies showing that many children need more vitamin D.  

Calcium and vitamin D work together to form healthy strong bones.  This is particularly important for kids who are rapidly growing and developing new bone cells.

Kids Fun Dairy Nutrition Resources

Dairy Group Fun
Fun matching worksheet to help children learn about the different types of milk products. Kids see how much fun healthy calcium rich foods really are to eat!

Milk Food Groups Learning Sheet

Fun coloring page printable that teach kids about the milk food group

Printable - Word Search Puzzle - Milk Group

These word search puzzles focus on the food groups and their health benefit. These word search puzzles are an easier version with larger letters and 7 words for younger readers.

Printable - My Plate Dairy Coloring Sheet

Children will have fun learning about the foods from the dairy group on My Plate with our cute coloring sheet.

Printable - My Plate Dairy Learning Sheet

Teach children about foods from the dairy group using the new My Plate!

Estimating Milk Servings - Portion Sizes Using Household Items Learning Sheets for Kids

Handy educational sheet that teaches children how to estimate a serving from the milk food group with portions compared to common household items. A great way to teach portion control.

Printable - 15 Word Search Puzzle - Milk Group

Older students will enjoy our more challenging word search puzzles. These word search puzzles focus on the food groups, exercise and their health benefits. Each word search puzzle has 15 words for children to find.

My Plate Activity for Children - Dairy Milk Food Group - Make a healthy plate

Worksheet for younger children that has them finding specific foods from the milk food group to make a balanced plate.







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