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Screen free week

Posted on Apr 08, 2013 by Maggie LaBarbera

Screen Free week (also known as TV Turnoff)  is fast approaching!    

This year it is on April 29- May 5.  

Screen-Free Week is a national movement where children, families, schools and communities will come together across the world to spend seven days turning off the TV and other screen devices (like video games, computers and hand-held devices)  and turning on life!

There are many ways to celebrate this event and what a fun way to get the kids involved.  You can join others and make it a big event or you can have a small family event.  Either way this is an important time to help your children learn about other activities that they can do that is enriching and fun but does not include the TV.

To accomplish this task may be challenging if kids are used to certain habits that involve the TV (or other screen devices.)  To be successful, kids should be involved in planning,  The bigger the deal the more you will peak their interest.

It is important to have a list of activities planned to do while the TV is off.  Otherwise, kids will start to complain and that is no fun for anyone, especially us parents!

Here is your free Srceen-Free Week guide to help you get organized.

If you are having an event, you can publicize it or you can find events that are occurring in your area.

Some great quick resources to help you get started!


Printable TV Pledge- Family and Kids Turn Off TV Week


Chef Solus List of Fun Things To Do

More tips and facts about kids and TV







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