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Spring Toys in Miami

Posted on Apr 02, 2013 by Guest Writer

With spring upon us, the weather is getting warmer in Miami, which means it’s time to go outside and play.  It also means it’s time to find self storage for all of the toys you’ll be grabbing now that the weather is clear for your kids to enjoy themselves outside playing with their friends or having fun at the park.

Grab your kid’s bike out of the storage space, dust it off, and go out for an adventure together in the warm spring sunshine.  There are plenty of places around Miami where people can ride their bikes and have a lot of fun.  Matheson Hammock Park is a great place for families to spend some time together where there won’t be a lot of traffic but they’ll still get an amazing view of the beach.  Kids will be able to ride their bikes through the trails in the park or sit in the grass and play with their toys while everyone enjoys the weather.

Springtime is the ultimate time to start thinking about toy tree houses or toy houses that are installed in the backyard.  These types of toys are usually on sale around this time so you can snatch them up at a great price, and you can start building them now or you can wait until later since you’ve got that storage space already lined up.  Kids absolutely love these because they provide a nice private area for them to play but they’re still safely at home so parents can keep an eye on them.  Most of them can be done in one simple weekend so kids can enjoy their new toy house almost immediately.

Although the water might still be a little cold, the beach can be a great place for kids to play in the springtime where they’ll be able to sit outside with their family and friends and play in the sand.  Make sure you grab some toy sand buckets of all shapes and sizes so they can build houses while they lounge around on the shore.

In spring, the ground starts to get drier as the days get longer and everything just generally gets much nicer outside, so now is the perfect time to invest in some toy trucks.  Since these toys can usually drive over pretty much any type of terrain these days, kids can play with them in the backyard where they’re safe and within parents’ range of view.  They’re also inexpensive with affordable parts and customizable mods, making them the perfect spring time toy for your kids to relax with while being outside.

As it continues to warm up in Miami this spring, water toys are going to be essential for every kid.  Like the aforementioned toy houses, these types of toys are usually on sale around this time of year as well as everyone prepares for the upcoming summer so you can grab them ahead of time.  Plus, it’s a good idea to have these ready because some spring afternoons in Miami can get quite warm, so your kids will have water guns and slip’n’slides already ready to go by the time the sun hits the backyard.

Kids are itching to play outside by the time spring hits so it’s a great time to stock up on all those spring time toys that are on sale as well as take advantage of some summertime toys for in the future.  It’s a great time to spend some bonding hours with the family and give your kids some exercise out in the sun.





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