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Healty Kids Revolution Free Webinar -Top Experts Advice

Posted on May 06, 2013 by Maggie LaBarbera


May 8 – May 19

(from the comfort of your home)

Learn from the brightest minds in Children’s Health & Wellness! Join The Healthy Kids Revolution as our World-Class Experts show you their simple, yet effective strategies on how to nurture and grow vibrant, healthy eaters!

Grab your seat for this free webinar with leading experts!



Wednesday, May 8th  1:00 pm EDT -  Dr. David Katz, Keynote - The Secret Sauce for Raising A Healthy Family

Wednesday, May 8th  8:00 pm EDT -  Carmen Johnson, BCHC - The Simple Science of Cell Health


Thursday, May 9th    1:00 pm EDT   - Pam Killeen, Brain Boosting Foods For Kids!                             

Thursday, May 9th     8:00 pm EDT -  Freda Mooncotch, The Food Nazi - Sugar - She's NOT so sweet!


Friday, May 10th      1:00 pm EDT -   Carolyn Scott-Hamilton - Kid Friendly Cuisine & Meal Tip Prep                                   

Friday, May 10th      8:00 pm EDT -   Diane Herrington - Breakfast – Starting Your Child's Day Off on the Right Foot!    


Saturday, May 11th   1:00 pm EDT -   Lisa Consiglio- Ryan - 5 Keys to Mastering Work-Life Balance!    


Sunday, May 12th     HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY!! Enjoy your family

Monday, May 13th     1:00 pm EDT - Laura Fenamore - Body Image Mastery: School Can Be Cruel
Tuesday, May 14th     1:00 pm EST - Dr. Joseph Mercola - Additives Are Harmful

Wednesday, May 15th  1:00 pm EDT - Dr. Patrick Flynn - Simple, Health-Busting Superfoods for Kids

Wednesday, May 15th  8:00 pm EDT -  Julie Matthews - Taste, Texture & Smell Aversions: Tips From The Leading Autism Expert!                      

Thursday, May 16th    1:00 pm EDT   - Aviva Goldfarb - Six O'Clock Scramble                         

Thursday, May 16th     8:00 pm EDT -  Heather Lounsbury - Everyday Herbs That Heal


Friday, May 17th      1:00 pm EDT -   Holli Thompson - Getting Kids To Go RAW!                               

Friday, May 17th      8:00 pm EDT -   Terry Walters - "Clean" Eating Made Fun & Easy!


Saturday, May 18th   1:00 pm EDT -  Maggie LaBarbera - Fun w/ Food - All about Association!

Saturday, May 18th   8:00 pm EDT -  Surprise ENCORE!


Sunday, May 19th     1:00 pm EDT -   Joshua Rosenthal  - Finding Health Coaches in Your Area                  

Sunday, May 19th   8:00  pm  EDT -  Carmen Johnson -   Insane Body Science for Kids! (video for the children to watch)
Grab your seat for this free webinar with leading experts!




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