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Myth Busters- Canned Foods

Posted on May 20, 2013 by Maggie LaBarbera

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is always the healthiest way to get nutrition your family needs.

But eating fresh fruits and vegetables is not always practical.  Canned fruits and vegetables is another way to get your healthy foods that may not be readily available or too expensive because it is out of season.  

I was recently talking to a mom and she had some misconceptions about canned foods so I wanted to give you the facts.  I do want to emphasize that I love to eat my produce fresh so I look for what's in season.  But there are times that I choose canned foods and that is okay.

Here are some canned myth busters!*

Myth:  Canned fruits and vegetables don't count toward your required servings each day.

Fact:  Of course they count!  Fruits and vegetables are still loaded with nutrition when they are in a can.  So if there is a particular recipe or produce you need that is not in season, canned produce offers you a healthy alternative and it counts towards your fruit and vegetable serving.


Myth:  Canned foods are high in salt

Fact:  It is true that some canned foods are high in salt but most offer a "low sodium" version.  So read the label.  Here is a tip:  pour out the liquid and you can reduce the salt by up to 41%


Myth:  All canned foods are loaded with preservatives

Fact:  According to the Canned Food Alliance, canned foods do not require preservatives because they are already cooked.  Putting them in steal cans prevents spoilage so most canned foods are preservative free.





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