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Are kids losing their sweet tooth?

Posted on May 29, 2013 by Maggie LaBarbera

Can all our focus on healthy eating finally making a difference with kids?

According to some hopeful statistics, we may be seeing a shift in kids eating habits.

A recent study released by the NPD group reported that*:

Looking at the 20 most common sugary sweets or beverages:

  • kids ate or drank 126 times less in 2012 than in 1998!
  • Kids drank fruit juices 16 times less than in 1998
  • Kids at cookies 8 times less than in 1998
  • Kids at ice cream 7 times less than in 1998
  • Kids at cake 5 times less than in 1998

This data was based on eating diaries that were kept by 5000 people coming from 2000 households, nationwide.

But kids weren't the only ones!  Adults also ate/drank 49 fewer sweet occasions last year compared with 1998.

But, yes there always is a but:  kids still eat 14% more sweets annually than adults.

Nice to report some positive trends!






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