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Parents role important in helping kids make healthy choices

Posted on Jun 24, 2013 by Maggie LaBarbera

New study out of Duke shows that parents are very influential in food choices kids make and can make a difference in their eating and physical activity habits.    family fun

But I am not surprised by this study.  We seem to need a study to tell us what is common sense.  Of course, parents are influential.  From the time children are born, it is their parents that are determining what foods are in the home, what type of meals are served, where do they go out to eat, and how active the family should be.

I am not dismissing the powerful influence of TV ads and other advertising means that promote the less healthy foods or dining out options.  But I am saying that we parents have a powerful influence as well.

I am going to say, we are walking "Billboards", we have our own advertisements that we are promoting to children through our own preferences and habits in our daily routine.

I, too, am guilty of forgetting how important it is to be aware of what my billboard is saying.

So today, I am going to be sure that my billboard says "Being active is fun and a priority!"  

I am going to flash this message strongly on my billboard by going to the gym today and loving it.  I am going to share that experience with children in my life with a positive and enthusiastic tone.  I want them to know that I chose to go workout because 

  • it is fun to move my body
  • my body feels better when I do physical activity
  • I have so many favorite activities that are fun and make my body work like zumba, hiking and swimming.
  • exercise is not a chore that I have to fit in but a fun activity that I choose to do


So I ask you "What does your billboard say today?"





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