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A tribute to my 106 year old Abuelita

Posted on Jul 01, 2013 by Maggie LaBarbera

I am writing today to pay tribute to my abuelita (grandmother) who just passed away at the tender age of 106 years old.   

Yes, I said 106 years old.  

In the picture to left, she was a 101!

By the last two years, she did need assistance for all the usual daily activities that we take for granted.  But prior to that, she was still cooking and sweeping and helping around the house.

I remember her for all the kindness and love that she gave to all us kids (you are always a kid when talking to your abuelita).  But I also remember two things that she taught me-

  • cooking was a joy and treasured daily activity.  We, kids learned to help in the kitchen at a young age and were cooking before our teens.  Enjoying good food made from natural foods is part of our rich Peruvian culture.
  • she also loved to be together with our whole family and dance.  Enjoying life and living it with joy was what she modeled for us

I tribute her longevity and health (not even on blood pressure medication!) to the healthy diet that she maintained (rich with fruits and vegetables and lots of homemade cooking).  That plus her very active lifestyle.  Sitting was for the evening after a productive day of work.

Abuelita, I thank you for all that you taught me and for your constant love and belief in being happy.

Please give your grandmother a hug today.






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