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Healthy School Campaign- Role of Parents in Promoting Healthy School Environments

Posted on Jul 12, 2013 by Maggie LaBarbera

Are you a concerned parent and wondering what you can do to help kids eat healthier and be healthier at school.  This was a very informative webinar about how to get involve to make positive changes.  You will also learn from a real life success story and how they worked with parents to impact childhood obesity and create a healthier school environment. 

A healthier school environment is key to promoting a better learning environment and enhancing learning in children.  Healthy environments go hand in hand with strong learning environments.



Guillermo Gomez, Vice-President of Urban Affairs, Healthy Schools Campaign, will discuss HSC’s parent empowerment program in Chicago.

Brian Giles, Senior Administrator of Food Service, Houston Independent School District, will talk about the Houston School District’s Parent Advisory Committee.

Allison Slade, Principal, Namaste Charter School, will speak about their effective program for educating and engaging parents around student health and wellness.

Moderator:  Rosa Ramirez, Campaign Manager, Healthy Schools Campaign






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