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An Organic Action Plan to Beating Breast Cancer

Posted on Jul 26, 2013 by Guest Writer

There has been a great deal of recent news regarding breast cancer with the announcement by Angelina Jolie that she had a double mastectomy.

We usually focus on children nutrition and health but we thought it is important to take a moment and talk about breast cancer.  Here is an article written by one of our guest bloggers.

It now seems that everything and anything can cause breast cancer and our lifestyle choices are a constant source of debate and scrutiny amongst scientists, desperate to get to the bottom of what can cause this disease. A mother and her daughter may face the risk of breast cancer and this can sometimes be hard for the male species to cope with but with knowing more about this disease and listening to what the scientists are saying and the research they have found it can help improve people’s knowledge and help prevent this cancer spreading. It is highly recommend that from a young age children should be aware of these types of medical issues, if parents teach their children in advance about these conditions it can really help how they cope with it in the future.

From drinking from plastic bottles left in warm cars, to drinking too much alcohol, there are various proven causes which we could take control of ourselves to prevent the cancer disease. Research has even emerged suggesting that working a night shift for over 30 years can double your risk of getting breast cancer, a possible reason for this link may be due to an unhealthy lifestyle among those doing unsocial shifts including eating more junk food, drinking more and not getting enough exercise, compared to those working 9-5 hours. 

So, with so many risk factors out there these days, what can we do to try and limit the risk of cancer organically? There have been many studies recently which suggest that an organic lifestyle is a great way to try and outsmart the disease and with that in mind, here are five ways to change your lifestyle through organic methods to give yourself the best chance of reducing your cancer risk.

Intake fish oils

Several reports have shown that there is a link between fish oils and protection from breast cancer. Scientists believe that it may be the omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid found in oily fish such as salmon that is so beneficial in fighting against the cancer. The fatty acid is considered a great nutrient for all round good health and so it doesn’t hurt to up your intake! Any child hearing they must have fish oil may not be interested in taking this but make it fun for them; you can even tell the young ones that Nemo was a strong fish because of it! I’m sure most children have watched “Finding Nemo”. If that tactic fails, mix it in food, I have to say mixed with apple sauce it is rather nice and even in a natural fruit smoothie you can hardly tell it is there; just think of all the health benefits through a hidden disguise!

Exercise regularly

For many years it has been shown that exercise can prevent all sorts of medical conditions and is great for all round good health for adults and children. Recent studies have suggested that moderate exercise; three times a week can reduce your risk by a staggering 40 percent. The research all revolves around hormones and the reduction of important hormones testosterone and estrogen when taking exercise. This in turn reduces insulin levels, a major factor in the formation of tumors.

Use natural, organic pesticides and cleaning products

If you look on the back of cleaning products and pesticides you will notice that it is probably impossible to pronounce nearly every single one of the ingredients listed. It has been proven that many of these household ingredients are possibly carcinogenic and when sprayed, are easily consumed by us when we breathe in causing all sorts of havoc in our bodies. Avoid them by changing to organic cleaning products, which can be found in health food stores and online and check the labels avoiding chemicals such as PBDEs, Alkylphenols, PFOA, Triclosan, Tetrachloroethylene (PERC).

Switch to organic food

Most fresh fruit and vegetables in the supermarket will have been treated with some kind of pesticide while being produced. There have been numerous studies done and many suggest that these chemicals could be potentially harmful when consumed by humans. Several studies have pinpointed breast cancer as being one of the main diseases affected by these pesticides and so if you want to give yourself the best chance, the advice is to switch to organic foods. Organic food will not have been sprayed with any industrial chemicals and although doesn’t always look as pretty on the shelves, could be a lot safer.

Be smart about your skincare

Always remember that whatever you put onto your skin will be absorbed into your body to some extent so you need to be extremely vigilant about what you expose your skin to, considering you and your child.

The cosmetic industry is not as tightly regulated as food and drugs leaving many companies open to producing potentially harmful products. There have been some studies showing that many common cosmetic ingredients are p

ossibly cancer causing, however, the laws currently in place allow them to continue to be used. Roll on deodorants especially have a huge question mark hanging over them as it has been suggested they have a role in the formation of breast cancer in particular. To avoid any risk it is advisable to choose organic products which have no synthetic ingredients in them. Natural ingredients can be very powerful and no less effective than ones created in lavatories. Due to concerns over how safe many products are the organic industry is growing rapidly and there is ahuge range of products to choose from.


Author: Thank you to Jenny Ann for this article. Jen supports the Cancer Research breast cancer awareness and works in her fundraising career. Living a healthy lifestyle herself she recommends that every person and parent incorporates an organic nutrition and lifestyle in their daily routine. 





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