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Back-to-school tip: Add some water to the lunchbox

Posted on Aug 19, 2013 by Maggie LaBarbera

Back to School Pledge For Kids

Kids drink too many sugary drinks for lunch and as an afterschool snack.  
This school year make the pledge to help kids substitute one sugary drink for water.
Pledge to promote water to kids.

It is back to school time and everyone is busy getting kids ready.

I have seen many friends and family members posting their child's picture online showing them on their first day of school.  With back to school also comes a focus on lunchtime.

I have talked a lot about the balanced lunch and how important it is for children.  So many studies have linked brain readiness, attitude and learning optimization with a healthy lunch.  Lunch is important because it is also one of the three main meals for children that will provide the nourishment their body needs to grow healthy and fight off disease.

But sometimes I forget to add the importance of water.  Water is important for so many reasons:

  • more than half of our bodies are made up of water
  • water is needed in every cell to live (and cells make up our entire body!
  • every process and function that the body performs to build up the body or move waste out of the body uses water!

Children will be thirsty and we want to help them reach for water instead of a sugary drinks.  Sugary drinks is also linked to overweight children.

So help kids get the hydration they need by including  water in their lunchbox.

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Wednesday, Sep 11, 2013 @ 11:25 PM

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Many parents focus on maintaining health of their kids and give them very healthy food but forget the importance of water.
Wednesday, Sep 11, 2013 @ 11:26 PM

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Water plays equal and important role compared to healthy food.

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