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The Wired Child - Facts about technology and children

Posted on Sep 27, 2013 by Maggie LaBarbera

With technology being more and more a part of the school and general learning process, I thought this infographic had some good facts and information about children and technology.

This is truly the generation of the "wired child".  We have relied on the internet to share nutrition information to children and educate them about healthy habits and healthy food choices using online games, interactive tools and stories.  

Although technology can be a great way to engage children and teach them about health and well-being, it is also important that it factored into children's screen time.  It is recommended that children spend 2 hours or less in front of a screen.  To help remind children, we have a header above all our games that remind children to stop after 20 minutes and do some type of active playtime.

Source: Early Childhood Education Degrees





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