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Healthy Halloween Tips and Tricks

Posted on Oct 28, 2013 by Maggie LaBarbera

It's Halloween week and everyone we know kids really look forward to this candy filled time.  That is not a bad thing and I know I always enjoyed this special holiday with my children.  So I will not preach the evils of sugar.

Just like everything else, it always about moderation.

So here are some quick reminders about how to enjoy Halloween and avoid a SUGAR CRUSH!

  • First of all, this is family time.  Family time is always important special time and is the glue to making wonderful memories that shape your children's lives.  Don't get overwhelmed with picking or making costumes and Halloween party and parades.  This takes away from the fun and can also lead to impatience with the kids.  Instead, just enjoy all the events because honestly, kids grow up so fast.  
  • Plan your Halloween route and have the kids put on pedometers.  What a great way to promote walking after dinner!
  • Eat a healthy dinner before you take the kids trick-or-treating.
  • Review with your children all the safety rules:
    • walking safely at night
    • candy needs to be all checked first before they can eat it (no exceptions)
  • Have an already agreed upon discussion about how much candy they can eat, how it will be divvied up and what to do with the leftover candy.

It is important that children do not have the expectation that they can eat all their candy.  Most children will get too much and this offers a great opportunity to discuss and teach children about portion control.

Happy Halloween!

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