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Apr 22, 2009

National Turn off TV Week Tips - TV Free Ideas for Fun Activities for the Whole Family

Just checking in with everyone. We are on the third day of the national "Turn Off TV" week.  This week is a great opportunity for some serious family fun. With the first two days behind you, the kids may be surprised that it ...
Mar 06, 2009

Kids like Eating Cool Vegetables with Cool Names

A recent study was presented at the School Nutrition Association's annual meeting. The study tested the response of kids to vegetables and fruits:186 kids were given carrots to eat as part of their lunch on certain daysthe same kids were given carrots ...
Dec 03, 2008

Children's health -Where does your state rank in childhood obesity?

We have heard and will continue to hear concerning news about childhood obesity.  Do you know where your state ranks?I share this with you because kids need our help. They need our guidance and modeling for healthier living. Most of these overweight ch...
Oct 06, 2008

Can reading help tweens lose weight?

A study was done in Duke University.The study had overweight girls, ages 9 to 13 to read a novel called Lake Rescue. This book was written to promote healthy lifestyle, deal with overweight issues and provide positive messages. Six months later, the 31...
Sep 04, 2008

Nutrition Education Games For Kids- Vote for Nourish Interactive-You Can Help Us Win!

I am asking for your help, to vote for Nourish Interactive in ideablob's sprint contest! Your vote can help Nourish Interactive win the prize to develop a new educational game to teach kids about nutrition and portion control! I have submitted N...
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