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Mar 07, 2012

Shape Your Plate the MyPlate Way!

I am excited to share with you this fun challenge from our partners at Healthy Kids Challenge. In recognition of National Nutrition Month, Healthy Kids Challenge is inviting after school programs, youth leaders and families to take the Sha...
Mar 02, 2012

Get Your Plate In Shape - National Nutrition Month

Happy National Nutrition Month®! It is finally here! Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us as we all worked together to help kids eat healthier! We had over 1200 people participate and reached over 45000 people with our messa...
Feb 27, 2012

Get Kids Eating A Healthy Breakfast - National Nutrition Month Goal

This is our last week to March to National Nutrition Month and we are officially there! Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us. Here is some facts: We have over 1,200 people who have joined us in helping children add on...
Feb 22, 2012

Free Coloring Book Kicks Off Potato Month

This week we want to help kids eat more fruits and vegetables. This month is Potato Lover Month and a vegetable that lots of kids love. Potatoes have gotten a bad rap because of the french fries and potato chips. But in reality, when you ...
Feb 20, 2012

Help Kids Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

This week we are kicking off our March to National Nutrition Month with a focus on fruits and vegetables. We have reached over 450,000 people since we starting marching (figuratively!) to National Nutrition Month and we could not have done it wi...
Feb 15, 2012

Stirring Up Health Cooking Contest Teaches Children About Healthy Foods

Don't miss your chance to enter the Stirring Up Health Recipe for Middle School. Cooking is such a great way for kids to learn about healthy foods while creating meals and trying new recipes. Here is the information about this contest from o...
Feb 06, 2012

Children and Food Allergies Raising Awareness- Facts, Safety Tips and Resources

This week's healthy goal and pledge for kids is to 'Help Raise Awareness About Food Allergies.' You can help by reading the information below and sharing it with other parents or your local school. This weekly campaign has ended, Thank you t...
Feb 03, 2012

Nourish Interactive Nutrition Education for Kids Website- Video Review

Learn about Nourish Interactive- The Fun Way to Learn about Nutrition! Award winning nutrition education website with free interactive tools, healthy eating games, educational printables, lesson plans and healthy food articles for families. Memb...
Jan 30, 2012

Teaching kids about healthy fiber and whole grains. Kid-friendly food tips for pasta + get coupon, enter giveaway

Enter to Win | About Grains | Teach Kids about Grains and Fiber | Learn About Fiber | Thanks to Sponsor/Supporters | Find Giveaways-Links This week our healthy goal of the week continues with a pledge to help kids eat more fiber rich foods. We ...
Jan 20, 2012
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