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Cooking With Kids

May 28, 2012

First lady Michelle Obama promotes healthy foods to kids with new recipe contest

Enter the recipe contest for kids and win a trip to Washington DC to eat with the first lady! Get the details.
Feb 15, 2012

Stirring Up Health Cooking Contest Teaches Children About Healthy Foods

Don't miss your chance to enter the Stirring Up Health Recipe for Middle School. Cooking is such a great way for kids to learn about healthy foods while creating meals and trying new recipes. Here is the information about this contest from o...
Jan 20, 2012
Jan 16, 2012

Enter Giveaway for Organic Rice Cakes - Support Healthy Nutrition for Kids and Take our Healthy Snack Food Pledge

Healthy Snack Tips| Enter Pledge and Giveaway |Extra Ways to Win |Healthy Snack Printables for Kids Join us in helping kids to eat healthier snacks! This week we share new healthy snack pledge and some of our best healthy snack food tips. You'll...
Dec 12, 2011

Fun Healthy Holiday Cooking With Kids- Tips, Recipes and Printouts

The holiday season can be a great time to teach kids about healthier ingredient options. As we plan for holiday parties and family get togethers we can show kids that having a fun time is not about sugar and that there are many foods that are f...
Nov 28, 2011

It's Kids Cook Monday! Let's Talk about Kids in the Kitchen and Family Dinners

It's Kids Cook Monday a great day to cook with your child and take steps towards making family dinner a part of your weekly family time. We came across Kids Cook Monday's article about Making Family Meals a Weekly Ritual on the Blog for Family Dinner w...
Sep 16, 2011

USDA key monthly message make half your plate fruits and vegetables

Keep kids focused on adding more fruits and vegetables to their plate.Benefits of fruits and vegetables Fruits and vegetables are very high in a number of nutrients that most kids do not get enough of.—vitamins A, C and K, potassium, fiber and magnes...
Sep 14, 2011

Football tailgate parties - avoid food safety penalties for a winning meal

Football season is here and many families (including mine) will take part in some fun tailgating parties.One of the challenges in tailgating party that goes for several hours is food safety.  Here are some Referee Tips to keep your food free from bacte...
Aug 19, 2011

New food safety guidelines released for pork

The USDA has announced a new pork guidelines to help avoid getting sick from bacteria and other "germs" that are found in pork. Pork now has the same requirements as other whole meats from beef, lamb and veal. Always use a thermometer to ch...
Aug 15, 2011

Creating a healthy lunch for kids using the food groups

You are fixing your child's lunch with healthy foods and hoping that your child will eat it!So how do you ensure that your child will eat the healthy lunch you have prepared and not toss it or trade it.  Well, of course, as they get older, it gets hard...
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