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Cooking With Kids

Mar 02, 2009

Healthy Monday- Help the kids find the rainbow colors in fruits and vegetables

Celebrate National Nutrition Month with your family by finding a rainbow -- of vegetables. At the store, challenge your children to find as many different colors of vegetables as they can -- purple cabbage, red peppers, white cauliflower, green beans. ...
Feb 13, 2009

Grocery saving tips for each of the food groups- healthy eating on a budget

Continuing in our tips for healthy eating on a budget. Here are some specific tips for best buys by food groups:The Grains Group: Breads, cereals, pasta and rice (look for the word "whole" for added fiber, vitamins and minerals) Look for bargains o...
Feb 06, 2009

Teaching children healthy eating habits- easy tips for parents to use at home

Kids today are growing up in an environment where they are being trained to overeat. What chance do we have as parents to make a difference?Well the reality is you have the opportunity to make a big difference. Eating at home, taking your kids grocery...
Feb 02, 2009

Healthy Monday- get the kids involved in making the meal

Involve your kids in making dinners each Monday. Ask them which vegetables to put in the sauce or stir-fry. Have them measure the amount of pasta or brown rice needed for the family meal. Play rock-paper-scissors, the winner picks which fruit to have f...
Jan 16, 2009

Yummy for your Tummy helps parents improve family nutrition- free healthy recipes booklet

Sometimes you run across a great little gem. Yummy for your Tummy is a cute healthy recipe booklet for families. The booklet is going to be distributed for free at Luckys Grocery Stores but I didn't have good luck finding it yet. But I did find it o...
Dec 05, 2008

Rachel Ray yum-O website gives the nod to Nourish Interactive nutrition website

Nourish Interactive's website was featured on Rachel Ray's nonprofit website Yum-O in their "How Cool is That" section. The "HOW COOL IS THAT" recognizes organizations that make a difference. I am very excited and honored to be recognized by her org...
Dec 04, 2008

Desperate Housewives struggles with healthy food choices

Ohhh Gabrielle, how she made us all laugh with her sudden realization that she needed to lose weight quickly before Carlos could regain his sight. But a common trap we all fall into is the quick fix and the lack of the "big picture".Wasn't it just a fe...
Oct 27, 2008

Family Nutrition Tips- How To Make Kids Parties Healthy And FUN!

With the holiday season approaching that usually means lots of social events for the kids, in school and out of school. How do we keep all those goodies featured at these party more on the nutritious side? Do we just throw our hands in the air?I thin...
Jul 23, 2008

A little helper in the kitchen

One way to get some picky eaters to try new foods is to involve them in the kitchen. Bring them in and have them touch vegetables and break them up to make different recipes. Expect your kitchen to get a little messy. But the results can be well wor...
Jul 14, 2008

Sauces are great hiding places for vegetables

Sometimes, those little picky eaters just won't eat certain food's like those vitamin and mineral rich vegetables.Well sauces can be a great way to introduce those little ones to some new foods. Finely chopped, minced or grated vegetables can be added ...
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