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Parents Guide To Bring Food Home From Restaurants Germ-Free

Maggie LaBarbera • RN, MBA • Aug 15, 2012

Bring Food Home Safely By Learning These Easy Food Safety Tips

If you ask for a doggie bag after eating out, follow these simple food safety guidelines.
Before you ask for a doggie bag, ask these questions:
  • you will be home with 2 hours after your meal.  If not, forget the restaurantleftovers.  
  • has long has the food been sitting out
  • Cars can be warm inside which will cause bacteria to grow faster. 
If you bring food home in a doggie bag:
  • It is best to take food home right away and put it in the refrigerator.
  • Place it in a clean container and label it with a date.








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Written by Maggie LaBarberaWritten on Aug 15, 2012Last updated on Oct 15, 2013




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