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Parents' Guide - Safety At School For Children With Allergies

Michelle Mirizzi • MS, Registered Dietitian • Feb 15, 2012

Food Allergy Safety At School

Food is a regular part of the school day and after-school programs. Breakfast and lunch programs are important meals for children and they are often prepared by the cafeteria staff.  Schools will also use foods as part of their lesson plans.  Whether it is counting and sorting activities or a classroom party, food is everywhere!
  • It is important that your child’s teachers, cafeteria supervisor and school nurse are aware of your child’s food allergy

  • Provide teachers with a copy of your action plan

  • Your child’s school records should also reflect the food allergy. This way the teacher can either find a safe food alternative or a non food item for the lessons during the year.

It can be scary when you realize that your child has a food allergy. It will require strict diligence to avoid specific foods in your child’s academic, social and home environments.
Understanding food allergies, clear communication and having an action plan in place are essential tools to coping with this condition. Your positive approach and understanding will also be important in helping your child deal with their food allergy.








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Written by Michelle MirizziWritten on Feb 15, 2012Last updated on Aug 31, 2014




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