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Parents Guide And Facts To Food Marketing

Maggie LaBarbera • RN, MBA • Nov 18, 2012

Food marketing has a huge impact on what your child chooses to eat.

Food marketing is when companies use media to influence the buying decisions of consumers, in this case, children.  They will give enticing reasons to children why they should want a specific type of food.  In most cases, the foods marketed to children are high sugar, high fat, high calorie foods that have little if any nutritional value.

Companies will use the television, radio, internet, magazines, promotional campaigns associated with movies and video games, attractive packaging, toys and any place they can place their logo or brand.

Facts About Food And Beverage Companies Marketing High Sugar and/or High Fat and High Calorie Foods To Children

  • The total amount spent marketing to children is about 10 billion dollars a year!*
  • The Food And Beverage Industry spend about 2 billion dollars a year marketing food and drinks to children*
  • The fast food industry spends more than $5 million every day marketing unhealthy foods to children.*
  • About 80% of foods advertised on television shows intended for children are for convenience/fast foods and sweets.*
  • Fast-food and sugary cereals are the most heavily advertised foods on children’s television.

advertisement of calorie dense foods to children

Graph from Report of Impact of Industry Self Regulation*










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Written by Maggie LaBarberaWritten on Nov 18, 2012Last updated on Oct 29, 2013




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