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Ten Tips To A Healthy Halloween For The Whole Family

Alyssa Simon • Sep 23, 2014

Halloween is a holiday enjoyed by all, whether it is a child dressing up and trick-or-treating, or an adult celebrating at a Halloween party. With pounds of candy from trick-or-treating, donuts on a string, and seemingly endless candy corn, Halloween is not a holiday that emphasizes health. However, it only comes once a year and there are many ways you and your family can enjoy Halloween in a healthy way! Here are some tips to help you enjoy a healthier Halloween.
  • If it is safe, walk or bike rather than drive around your neighborhood for trick-or-treating. You may end up walking a couple of miles or more!
  • You and your family can stay physically active on Halloween by enjoying some fall favorites such as a corn maze, apple picking, or taking a walk through a trail or park to enjoy the fall foliage, or participate in a Halloween walk.
  • Allow your children to have a few of their favorite pieces of candy on Halloween, then offer them the opportunity to participate in Halloween Candy Buyback, which allows children to trade in their candy to dentists for prizes and cash!healthy halloween
  • If your children would not like to participate in Halloween Candy Buyback, allow them to enjoy one or two pieces of candy a day. This way, they can enjoy their candy in moderation and won’t feel deprived.
  • Parent should allow themselves a few of their favorite treats as well so they do not feel deprived, which may lead to overeating later
  • Rather than keeping your candy in a bowl on the kitchen table, keep the candy out of site in a pantry, and fill the bowl with fruit instead.
  • Get the family together for and carve some pumpkins! Roast the seeds for an excellent source of fiber, protein magnesium, and iron
  • If you know you will have trick-or-treaters coming to your house, buy healthier snacks to hand out such as pretzels, apples, popcorn, or trail mix rather than candy. You will help promote health in your neighborhood, and help yourself avoid temptation!
  • If you are hosting or bringing snacks to a party, use colorful fruits and vegetables to play up the holiday! Decorate with a bowl full of red apples, make a pumpkin plate with baby carrots, or making candy corn fruit cups using pineapple, mandarin oranges, and low-fat whipped cream. 
Photo Credit: Halloween Express
  • Don’t forget to stay safe on Halloween by not letting your children trick-or-treat alone, stopping only at houses of people you know and trust, making sure there are no signs of   open candy wrappers before you eat the candy, and cutting fruit trick-or-treat hosts give you before you eat it!

Happy Safe Halloween!









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Written by Alyssa SimonWritten on Sep 23, 2014Last updated on Oct 10, 2015




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