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Thanksgiving Portion Control Tips For The Family And Avoid Overeating

Anne Kolker • MS, Registered Dietitian • Nov 29, 2010

holiday meals for kids

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is focused around a large family meal.  With special recipes served that are often only seen during Thanksgiving, it is hard to not want to get serve a portion of everything!  
We want to help your family enjoy a fun and healthy Thanksgiving with these easy and helpful portion control ideas. This family nutrition article features tips on controlling portions and calories so that you can enjoy the holiday meal and still avoid overeating.  This is a good habit for children to learn at a younger age as well.

Tips on Thanksgiving Portion Control – Avoiding overeating

The average person will eat about 4500 calories on Thanksgiving Day! With so many delicious foods and the excitement of the holiday it is easy to get carried away and over eat. But with a few portion control tips, you can eat less and teach your children to eat sensibly, even during the holidays.
  • Think small - serve in smaller serving dishes to encourage smaller portionshealthy portion sizes serving Thanksgiving family meal
  • Use smaller plates and bowls to help portion control
  • Plan for leftovers to reduce the chance of over-eating- you’ll save time on future meal preparation too!
  • Make a low fat vegetable based soup as a starter
  • Limit starches such as potatoes, stuffing, and rolls, instead fill your plate with more vegetables
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid seconds. If you can't resist the second helping, focus on refilling your plate with vegetables and other lower calorie choices
  • Enjoy desserts however, slice your pie into 16 slices and use nonfat whipped cream.
  • Use small plates or tea cups to reduce portion size when serving the desserts
The Thanksgiving holiday can be a time when the whole family can remember to be thankful for healthy foods and a healthy family. And isn’t being thankful about our blessings what this holiday is really about.
We hope you have a wonderful, enjoyable and healthy Thanksgiving.










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Written by Anne KolkerWritten on Nov 29, 2010Last updated on Oct 20, 2014




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